21 kerat Coin Kera Set
21 kerat Coin Kera Set

21 Karat Coin Kera Set

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21 Karat Coin Kera Set is a Fashionable Accessory for Women

21 karat Coin Kera Set, high-quality jewelry is craft from precious metal combinations.  Women like this type of fashionable accessories. This is a combination of several different types of metal. Silver, gold, and platinum are some of the most commonly use precious metals. 21 karat metals can also come in a variety of colors, including yellow gold and rose gold, which are both used in jewelry.

Platinum is almost usually consider to have a higher value than gold. Platinum is a more scarce metal, and as a result, platinum rings and keras are purer and have a higher density than gold rings and keras. Because rings and keras are made of platinum require more platinum than gold. A feeling of prestige is also associated with platinum.

Jewelry, whether platinum or gold, will get scratched. However, the best way to minimize the scratches is to consciously wear your piece. For example, don’t wear it to the gym where it’s likely to make contact with the metal bar and get scratch.

Over time, with normal wear, it will naturally incur some scratching no matter how careful you are. It’s natural for this to happen. Fortunately, platinum doesn’t lose metal from the surface so you can easily polish it without thinning your piece.


  • 21 karat Coin Kera Set
  • 2 Kera
  • Openable and Gold plated
  • Antique Gold Polish
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Semi Precious
  • Best In Quality
  • Easy to use

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Your order will dispatch within 24 hours after your confirmation. The normal transit time is 1-5 days within Pakistan. Your order will ship in a secure, high-quality packaging, to ensure its safe and pristine delivery. We will also provide  22 Karat Gold Plated Coin Set.

Care Instruction

You will  keep safe your jewelry from perfumes, washing detergent, and moisture.

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