Coral Shine Shawl


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Coral Shine Shawl with abaya or dress:

On the other hand, a shawl is a wrap made of cloth that is drape about the shoulders. Or the head in order to keep the wearer warm or maintain modesty. It is possible to construct it out of a wide range of materials, such as cotton, wool, or silk, and it comes in a large range of forms, sizes, and patterns. A coral gem shawl is something that is incredibly distinctive and eye-catching.

When you mention “abaya shawl,” you might be referring to a shawl that is worn with an abaya to add an additional layer of modesty or to highlight the overall look. This is a possibility. Depending on the individual’s choice and the cultural norms that are observed, the shawl can be worn either draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the head.


  • This is a soft and breathable Korean chiffon shawl.
  • It has a border all the way around that is three inches wide.
  • Korean Chiffon.
  • The fabric allows air to pass through it and is simple to drape and style.
  • Copper tilla work with stones forming the border.

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