Hand Made Stitched Stone Diamond Cut Set with Bracelet

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Hand Made Stitched Stone Diamond Cut Set with Bracelet for Ladies

The Hand Made Stitched Stone Diamond Cut Set with Bracelet corresponds to how well the proportions of the diamond fit together. As well as how the outer layers of the diamond, which are referred to as components, are set up to generate sparkle and shine in the diamond. To some extent, one can say that attractiveness and uniqueness are interchangeable terms. We are of the belief that selecting jewellery that is one of a kind is one way that one can exhibit a willingness to explore with new things. In a symbolic sense, something that is comparable to a high-quality diamond cut set, earrings set, and bracelet. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, also makes sense.


  • Elegant diamond style pendent
  • Shiny earrings
  • Stylish bracelet
  • Gold plated and silver polish
  • High quality
  • Affordable price


  • Offers just the appropriate amount of sparkle to the already attractive design.
  • The pendant’s design is delicate.
  • The earrings have a simple shape, and each earring features a diamond cut accent for additional luxury look
  • They are perfect for wearing to occasions that are neither formal nor informal.
  • This jewelry set exhibits a sense of style
  • The diamond cut is skillfully arrange to generate a beautiful and sensible layout
  • The design is sure to elevate any outfit and give a touch of luxury to your style

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