High Quality and Stylish SAPPHIRE ABAYA

High Quality and Stylish SAPPHIRE ABAYA

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High Quality and Stylish SAPPHIRE ABAYA for ladies:

It is a type of abaya known as an Stylish SAPPHIRE ABAYA as well as embroidered front open abaya. An abaya is a form of modest clothing that some Muslim women choose to wear. The front open abaya, as the name suggests, is intend to wear open at the front, exposing the wearer’s underlying garments. This style of abaya can be distinguish by its open front. The abaya receives additional design elements from the embroidery embellishment that is located on the front.

The art of embellishing fabric using stitches made from thread and needle, as well as other materials, is known as embroidery. Stitching elaborate motifs or patterns directly onto the surface of the fabric is require to complete this process. Embroidery is a technique that, when apply to an abaya, can be utilize to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garment and give a sense of elegance. The embroidery is typically done on the front of the abaya, encompassing the space around the breast and occasionally reaching all the way to the sleeves and edges of the garment.


  • Comes with a matching hijab
  • Embellished with sparkling pearls
  • Front open Style abaya
  • Made from Pure Nidha Lightweight Fabric
  • Premium quality soft and lightweight fabric

People who dress in a trendy manner tend to have more vivid brains. All you need to do to stand out from the crowd is wear our high-quality, fashion-forward Open Front Pearl Abaya design. Avoid making a trade-off between comfort and style by getting your go-to abaya as soon as possible.

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52-S, 54-M, 56-L, 58-XL, 60-XXL

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