Miss Rose Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

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Miss Rose 30 Colors Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

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Miss Rose Glitter Eye Shadow Palette

  • Chameleon, mashed potato texture, finer and finer powder: nanoscale technology, fine powder, easy to wipe evenly, easy to wipe, effective attachment to the eye skin will not halo, general eye shadow powder is large, resulting in ineffective adhesion to the skin of the eye, dizzy and easy to stain the makeup face.
  • Metallic sequins, stir-fried chicken bling-bling “large shiny tablets, and imitation products are ordinary preadolescent eye shadows.
  • Eye base cream is used for concealment, eye setting, and lasting makeup. The imitation is ordinary powder eye shadow
  • Waterproof and anti-sweat, no dizzy dyed with advanced waterproof and anti-sweat formula. It is excellent for aging. It is tightly attached to the skin. It has a long-lasting effect. It does not feel dizzy. The eye shadow is not waterproof, and the eye shadow is not tightly attached. When it rains and sweats, it becomes dizzy into panda eyes
  • Composite use is hierarchical and delicate and can blend with each other. Monochromatic or two-color or three-color superimposition immediately highlights the stereoscopic sense of hierarchy. The common use of eye shadow will result in mutual dizzy dyeing, color confusion, and destroy the original eye makeup effect

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