Resham Gold Plated Bangles


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Elegant Resham Gold Plated Bangles for Ladies

Bangles, in contrast to bracelets, are circular in form and cannot be bent in any way. The materials that the craftsmen use can range from those that are extremely uncommon and pricey to those that are commonplace and relatively inexpensive. There is something lacking in the lives of women who do not accessories their wrists with bangles. Bangles are a common accessory for Pakistani women, and their regular use is not only encouraged but also expected in traditional Pakistani society. Any lady should have at least one set of Resham Gold Plated Bangles in her collection because of the good fortune, prosperity, and health that they provide. Because the price of gold is so high right now, accessories like gold-plated bangles like that one are very popular among women.

Platinum and gold jewelry both have a tendency to scratch easily. However, the most effective method to lessen the appearance of scratches is to wear your piece with caution. If you plan to exercise in a place where the metal bar could scratch it, you really shouldn’t wear it in that environment. Scratches will occur over time regardless of how careful you are because wear and tear causes them. This kind of thing happens by itself all the time. Because platinum, unlike other precious metals, does not lose metal when it is polished, your item will not become thinner as a result.


  • 6 bangles set
  • Antique Gold Polish
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Semi Precious
  • Best In Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Enhance your everyday style
  • Complete your outfit look
  • Gold plated


  • 2 ( 2)
  • 6 ( sewa 2)
  • 8 ( Dhai)
  • 10 (pony 3)
  • 3

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