Rossy Red Shawl

Rossy Red Shawl


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Rossy Red Shawl for Ladies:

A shawl is a versatile item that may be worn in a variety of ways, but it is most commonly wrapped around the shoulders or draped over the upper part of the body. It is possible to wear it for the aim of providing warmth, adding a bit of style to an ensemble, or for religious or cultural reasons. Because shawls may be found in a wide range of fabrics, dimensions, color ways, and designs, it is essential to take into account their context on the particular “Rossy Red Shawl.”

When you mention “abaya shawl,” you might be referring to a shawl that is wear with an abaya to add an additional layer of modesty or to highlight the overall look. This is a possibility. The shawl can be wear in one of two ways: either drape over the shoulders or wrap around the head. And the manner in which it is worn depends on the individual’s preference as well as the cultural standards that are observed.


  • Soft and breathable Korean chiffon shawl.
  • 3 inch four sided border.
  • Easy to handle


  • Korean Chiffon.
  • The fabric is breathable, easy to drape and style.
  • Red flower and Copper tilla work border with stones


We also provide different variety in shawls like florance Shawl. This shawl looks so elegant and enhances your fashion when you wear it with abayas or different attire

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